Fully distributed PostgreSQL, optimized for the network edge.

Based on standard Postgres. 100% open.

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Fully distributed PostgreSQL, optimized for the network edge.

Based on standard Postgres. 100% open.

Widely Distributed

pgEdge: combining native Postgres and a modern distributed architecture

For the first time presentation, business logic and the world’s most popular open source relational database can all be deployed at or close to the network edge. Learn more.


pgEdge Cloud: fully managed, fully distributed PostgreSQL

Our database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering is built on a multi-master, multi-region and multi-cloud architecture for low latency and ultra high availability.

All pgEdge nodes support both reads and writes and can be placed in any configuration on a virtual edge network spanning 100+ regions across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Working on computer

One-step deployment, JAMStack friendly.

JAMStack web applications run at lightning speed when running on top of pgEdge for the database layer. And, deployment is a breeze when using pgEdge alongside edge platforms like Cloudflare, Fastly and Vercel for presentation and compute.

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pgEdge Platform: self-hosted, fully distributed PostgreSQL.

For organizations that need or prefer to self-host and self-manage their databases, pgEdge Platform runs on-premises or in self-managed cloud provider accounts. Runs on numerous OS and hardware combinations, and enterprise-class support is available. Self-hosted pgEdge Platform nodes can also be part of a pgEdge Cloud Postgres cluster.

What makes pgEdge different?


Cloud Regions


Standard Postgres


Years Postgres Experience


Open (Source Available)

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David Ting, CTO of Zenni Optical

“For leading e-commerce companies like ours, pgEdge is a game changer and will give us fast page loads and a smooth customer experience regardless of where our customer is located. Additionally, pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL can give our engineers a solid foundation for building a new generation of e-commerce applications.”

David Ting, CTO of Zenni Optical

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