What is pgEdge Distributed Postgres?

Fully distributed PostgreSQL, optimized for the network edge.

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Fully distributed. Almost magical.

Faster response times and ultra-high availability, made easy.


pgEdge Cloud cluster-details

Fully distributed and fully Postgres

pgEdge allows both read and write operations to take place at any database node in a geographically distributed cluster.  Each node runs standard Postgres (v15, v16), and a cluster can span multiple cloud regions or data centers.  pgEdge nodes are loosely coupled, and are kept updated via asynchronous logical replication with conflict resolution.

Distributed PostgreSQL conflict resolution table

Configurable conflict resolution and avoidance

A configurable conflict resolution algorithm resolves data conflicts when transactions at different nodes update the same data at the same time. pgEdge distributed Postgres also employs delta conflict avoidance to maintain consistency for data fields that keep running sums like financial balances or inventory counts.

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Low data latency

Place copies of your database close to your users, greatly reducing the latency of long round-trip response times to a single database instance. When a compelling customer experience with short page load times is essential, deploying pgEdge is a game changer.

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Ultra-high availability

If one or more nodes go down traffic immediately fails over to the remaining active nodes. pgEdge makes it easier to architect and deploy a high availability solution for failover between cloud regions: no more saying "sorry, our cloud provider's eastern region is down". And the best part: zero downtime for maintenance.

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Multi-Master (Active-Active) Distributed

multi-master (active-active) distributed Postgres allows you to have multiple master (active-active) databases spread across different locations (multiple nodes), each capable of handling read and write traffic simultaneously, allowing for better performance and high availability of your applications.

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Meet data residency requirements

International regulations and/or customers require data generated in a certain country or region stay there. With pgEdge you control which tables are globally replicated, and which stay local. Geographic sharding, or "geo-sharding", breaks out tables on a location field. Global data is shared globally, while local data stays local.

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Geographic scale-out

Geo-sharding also supports geographic scale-out of applications, particularly when Postgres workloads threaten to exceed available compute capacity.

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JAMStack friendly for modern applications

For modern web application developers using the JAMStack architecture, pgEdge works well with edge development platforms from Cloudflare, Fastly, Vercel and others. These platforms make it easy for developers to put presentation and compute close to users - now you can put databases at or near the edge. essential, deploying pgEdge is a game changer.

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What makes pgEdge different?

Based on standard Postgres

No “almost but not quite” compatibility issues and no vendor lock-in. Existing Postgres applications and tooling run without code changes. Leverage all the enterprise-class features Postgres is known for.

100% open

pgEdge extensions are standard Postgres extensions and available as open source with the pgEdge Community License. No proprietary code, no vendor lock-in.

150+ years Postgres experience

Benefit from decades of experience helping make Postgres the most enterprise-hardened open source database. We’ve also helped run the largest Postgres services in the cloud.

Deployment: Your choice

Fully managed cloud or self-hosted
pgEdge Cloud
  • Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

  • Handles provisioning, security and monitoring

  • Access via web dashboard, CLI and API

  • Multi-cloud support available for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

pgEdge Platform
  • All features of pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL

  • Self-host on-premises or in cloud accounts (AWS, Azure, GCP, Equinix Metal, Akamai Linode)

  • For developer evaluations or production usage

  • Enterprise support available

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