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Fully distributed cloud Postgres made easy

Harness the low latency, high availability and data residency benefits of pEdge Distributed PostgreSQL in a fully managed cloud service running in multiple regions across AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.


Multi-region and multi-cloud

Deploy pgEdge nodes across multiple cloud provider regions to provide optimal placement relative to your users. Available for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Easy deployment

Creation and deployment of pgEdge clusters is a breeze with a snappy and intuitive user interface. Simply drag and drop on an interactive map to configure your cluster. Press a button to deploy it into the cloud. Done!


Control and monitoring

Manage and monitor your pgEdge cluster from a set of web dashboards. Or alternatively via API and command line interfaces.


Configuration and management

pgEdge Cloud saves you from configuring and managing infrastructure and databases. Everything is backed up, secured against misconfiguration, and continually monitored.


Built-in security

pgEdge Cloud comes with a host of security features to make sure only you and your application logic access your databases.


BYO account

pgEdge Cloud deploys the databases and their infrastructure directly into your own cloud provider accounts to gain maximal use of both your provider’s plans as well as your security tooling. (Enterprise Edition only.)


Latency-based routing

Users are connected to the nearest database node through automatic geo-proximity routing.


Edge platform integration

pgEdge Cloud is especially well suited for use with edge development platforms such as Cloudflare Workers, Vercel and Fastly.


Fully Postgres based

Compatible with existing Postgres ecosystem, tools, and extensions such as PostGIS, PGVector, pgCat, pgBackrest, and 20+ more.


pgEdge Terraform Provider

Easily add pgEdge clusters and databases to your existing IaC deployments and CI/CD pipelines.

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  • Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

  • Access via web dashboard, CLI and API

  • Handles provisioning. security and monitoring

  • AWS, Azure and GCP

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pgEdge Postgres Cloud Architecture

pgEdge Cloud Architecture diagram Jan2024

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