Today we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Equinix, the leading digital infrastructure and networking company. pgEdge is an Equinix Metal database partner, and is now featured in the Equinix solution showcase.

We’ve been working closely with our friends at Equinix over the past months to deploy and optimize pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL on Equinix Metal bare metal infrastructure.  pgEdge Platform is now validated to run on Equinix Metal, and we’ve been using it ourselves for much of our high performance testing. We’ve been impressed with the raw performance numbers we’ve seen, and have found the Equinix Metal APIs to be easy and productive to work with.

Many of the customers (or prospective customers) served by pgEdge and Equinix operate in mixed hybrid and multi-cloud environments across both public clouds and on-premises infrastructure.  The two most difficult aspects to manage across these environments are networking and databases, making this a compelling partnership for large enterprise customers and SaaS and Internet companies alike.

pgEdge_Equinix architectural diagram_12oct2023

The low latency and ultra high availability benefits of pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL are much enhanced when running on Equinix’s industry leading network infrastructure, reducing latency even further. In fact the lowest latency speeds we’ve seen between data centers on the east and west coasts of the US have been on the Equinix network.

For organizations with applications that demand the highest levels of compute and network performance we heartily recommend running pgEdge on Equinix Metal and/or Equinix network infrastructure.  And for organizations looking to deploy cross-cloud or hybrid-cloud applications we can’t think of a better partnership to address the networking and data challenges these applications present.

If you are interested in learning more about pgEdge and our new partnership with Equinix, please get in touch.  And you can always get started for free with pgEdge here.