In today's fast-paced digital world, your users demand highly responsive applications. Studies have repeatedly shown that even a slight delay in page load time can lead to user abandonment and/or poor customer satisfaction. This puts immense pressure on both businesses and service providers to optimize performance. Enter pgEdge, a powerful distributed database that leverages Equinix Metal's regionalized infrastructure to bring data closer to your users, resulting in lightning-fast application responsiveness regardless of where users are located.  And with databases replicated across multiple regions, disaster recovery and failover are built in!

Equinix Map

Digital Superhighway

Equinix Fabric’s exceptional networking capabilities provide lightning-fast data flow across regions. When combined with pgEdge's multi-master capabilities, this creates a powerhouse duo that ensures your applications are not only responsive, but also have data positioned exactly where it's needed. The result? A seamless data experience that is tolerant to regionalized failure.

To Multi-Cloud or Not to Multi-Cloud

As the demand for data and application uptime continues to rise, the need to hedge risk by distributing applications across multiple infrastructure providers becomes increasingly critical. pgEdge simplifies this by seamlessly replicating your data across multiple providers. Pair this capability with Equinix’s robust network, and you've created a winning combination that mitigates risks and ensures optimal performance.


The Perfect Match

The combination of pgEdge and Equinix Metal offers a brilliant solution for businesses seeking to maximize their application and database performance while providing ultra high availability. With your data at the edge and support from a robust network infrastructure, your potential for innovation and growth is infinite. Watch this live demo video to learn more.

Explore pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition or engage with our solution architecture team today. For detailed information about installing self-hosted pgEdge Platform, see the documentation at: