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pgEdge Platform is an open and community licensed installation, configuration & operations framework for distributed PostgreSQL. pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL is a fully distributed database based on standard Postgres. It supports multi-active (multi-master) asynchronous logical replication with conflict resolution and delta conflict avoidance, via the pgEdge-developed Spock extension. It is optimized to run in sandboxes, virtual machines or the container of your choice. You'll also have access to an extensive collection of enterprise-class community extensions we embrace. Viva Postgres Community!

Our optimized and secure static binaries are tested to run on popular amd64 & arm64 Linux distributions including RHEL/CentOS/Rocky 9, and Ubuntu 22.04.

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Usage Notes:

  • Install as a non-root user from your $HOME directory

  • Checkout our Getting Started Guide for more info on how to use the nodectl CLI

  • We are tested with Python 3.9+ (Python 3.6+ for basic non-Spock Postgres functionality on Pg11 thru pg14)

  • Platform Release Notes