pgEdge distributed edge database steps out of beta

This blog is divided into two parts. In this section, we walk through how the Postgres logical replication feature has evolved over the years, what the recent improvements for logical replication are, and how the feature will likely change in the future.

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pgEdge distributed edge database steps out of beta

pgEdge has announced the general availability of pgEdge Platform, a distributed PostgreSQL database optimized for running at or near the edge and across cloud regions.

After a seven-month beta period, pgEdge supports customers transitioning their applications from development to production on the pgEdge Platform.

Database Trends Article. PostgreSQL
The Bottom-Line Business Benefits of Distributed Multi-Master Relational Databases

Today’s applications—including enterprise applica­tions—need to be always on and always available and often must serve a global base of users who expect almost instantaneous response times regardless of where they are located.

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pgEdge Announces GA, Vector Search with pgvector Extension

Self-hosted pgEdge Platform ready for production; pgvector puts inference and similarity search capabilities closer to users, no matter where they are

pgEdge Platform Released

pgEdge announced general availability of pgEdge Platform, a fully open and fully distributed PostgreSQL database designed to run at or near the network edge and between cloud regions.

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pgEdge to support pgvector extension for faster database searches

pgvector is a vector extension for open-source PostgreSQL that enables storing vector embeddings from AI models and performing similarity searches. pgEdge says it enhances PostgreSQL’s performance and accelerates approximate distance searches for vectors.

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pgEdge Now Supports pgvector, Introducing Similarity Search to PostgreSQL

pgEdge, the first company to offer a fully distributed database optimized for the network edge based on the standard and popular open source PostgreSQL database, is announcing newfound support for the pgvector extension, enabling PostgreSQL to leverage the power of open source vector similarity search.

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pgEdge enhances PostgreSQL with pgvector extension for AI-driven vector similarity search capabilities

pgEdge announced support for pgvector extension that adds an open-source vector similarity search capability to PostgreSQL.

Plotting the Evolution of Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 16

PostgreSQL 16 includes numerous improvements in logical replication designed to enhance performance, bolster data consistency, and advance compatibility.

Delving Into the Performance Features of Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 16

Explore the performance features associated with logical replication and the steps for observing these features in real time.

Unlocking the multi-master database dream

As ‘simplified’ as we’re continuing to make software application development, front-line enterprise apps are still becoming increasingly heavyweight beasts.

Achieve multiactive data replication in PostgreSQL with Spock
Achieve multiactive data replication in PostgreSQL with Spock

Using Spock eliminates many of the conflicts that arise with a multi-active database cluster.

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Startup pgEdge Tackles the Distributed Edge with Postgres

Denis Lussier and Phillip Merrick, who worked together creating EnterpriseDB starting in 2005, are debuting...

Database Trends Article. PostgreSQL
pgEdge Launches Fully Distributed Database for the Network Edge Based on PostgreSQL

pgEdge, the fully distributed PostgreSQL database company, is emerging from stealth with the launch of its...

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Distributed database provider pgEdge emerges from stealth with $9M

Alexandria, Virginia-headquartered pgEdge, a startup that claims to provide a fully distributed database...

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Pgedge Launches First Fully Distributed Edge Database Based on Standard Postgresql

pgEdge,emerged from stealth and launched the first fully distributed database optimized for the network...

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Startup pgEdge aims to land distributed Postgres at network’s edge

Startup pgEdge aims to land distributed Postgres at network’s edge

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NoVa database startup pgEdge just emerged from stealth with a $9M raise

Founders Phillip Merrick and Denis Lussier — familiar faces on the local entrepreneurial scene — hope the...

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