Enhancing pglogical with Multi-Master Features

Presented by Postgres World and pgEdge Postgres experts Ahsan Hadi and Cady Motyka

Session Description

pgLogical was a step forward in logical replication for PostgreSQL database users. Recently released, pgEdge, with its Spock extension, has overcome many of the limitations pgLogical users have faced with distributed applications such as fault tolerance, data consistency, conflict resolution, and performance. This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of pgEdge’s game-changing advanced asynchronous replication capabilities to support your distributed applications. You will learn how to:

  • Handle asynchronous replication with conflict-free delta-apply columns, and improved conflict resolution mechanisms.

  • Replicate partitioned tables between multiple nodes across regions to address geo-sharding, data residency compliance and privacy regulations.

  • Simplify database system management through seamless integration, enhanced monitoring, and rigorous testing to ensure reliability of your critical deployments.

Download a copy of the slides here.

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