How to Make Your SaaS Application Resilient by Going Multi-Region

Presented by pgEdge Postgres experts Phillip Merrick and Mike Josephson

Session Description

In this webinar learn the techniques to achieve uninterrupted database operations. See how multi-master logical replication across a distributed PostgreSQL cluster guards against network and data center failures while supporting green/blue upgrades for zero downtime maintenance.

Our experts will demonstrate how to:

  • Setup and manage multi-master (active-active) replication

  • Assure continuous access to your databases, even during network or hardware failures

  • Integrate local synchronous read replicas for intra-region failover 

  • Simplify cluster management for hassle-free operations

  • Easily upgrade to PG15 or 16 without downtime

  • Scale to meet growing demands with ease

Download a copy of the slides here.

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