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Fully distributed PostgreSQL has evolved.

Close-up look at pgEdge, pgLogical, EnterpriseDB, and Oracle Goldengate.

Postgres users have significant new options for fully distributed Postgres. Most significant are new options for authentic bi-directional multi-master (active-active) replication with the bells and whistles global enterprises require to address high availability, data latency and data residency needs.

Some believe these changes are a game-changer for PostgreSQL, elevating open source as a serious and formidable alternative to expensive commercial databases. Most important, with newcomer pgEdge, the enterprise-class enhancements are fully open and fully Postgres.

FeaturepgEdgeEnterpriseDBpgLogicalOracle Goldengate
Fully distributed PostgreSQL
Based on current, standard PostgreSQL
Fully open (source code available, non-proprietary)
Integration with edge platforms (e.g. Cloudflare Workers)
Customizable multi-master, data residency to meet international data guidelines
Out-of-the-box support for Postgres extensions such as TimescaleDB
Multi-master, active-active logical replication
Read/write logical replication with conflict resolution
Configurable conflict resolution
Running sums conflict avoidance
Available On-prem
Single CLI & GUI for configuration and management
Near-zero downtime upgrade
Support for hybrid multi-master clusters
Multi-region replicas
24/7 enterprise level support. 99.9% uptime SLAs.

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pgEdge provides distributed PostgreSQL optimized for the network edge to reduce data latency and achieve ultra high availability. Only pgEdge combines multi-master (active-active), multi-region and multi-cloud in a fully managed cloud service that is 100% standard Postgres and 100% open (source available).

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2023 ©pgEdge, Inc.