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Easily put databases on or near the edge too.

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JAMStack Applications

pgEdge is designed to meet the requirements of modern web application developers who are building applications using the JAMStack architecture. pgEdge integrates with edge development platforms from companies such as Cloudflare, Fastly, Netlify, Akamai, Vercel and others. While these platforms have made it easy to move presentation and compute closer to the network edge, pgEdge makes it easy to put databases at or near the edge.

Learn how to access a pgEdge distributed database cluster from within Cloudflare Workers.

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Self-hosted or Cloud deployment
pgEdge Cloud
  • Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

  • Handles provisioning, security and monitoring

  • Access via web dashboard, CLI and API

  • Multi-cloud support available for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Get Started for Free
pgEdge Platform
  • All features of pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL

  • Self-host on-premises or in cloud accounts (AWS, Azure, GCP, Equinix Metal, Akamai Linode)

  • For developer evaluations or production usage

  • Enterprise support available

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