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Deliver better customer experiences while reducing risk and costs

Companies in the financial services industry face an array of major challenges. There is a constant drive to deliver improved customer experiences, all while significantly reducing costs and meeting ever increasing regulatory requirements.

High availability, lower software costs

Financial services companies today utilize distributed database systems from proprietary vendors to ensure high availability, but costs are substantial and typically increasing.  This has driven companies to look to open source databases such as Postgres to lower costs, but robust distributed capabilities are lacking. pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL and its multi-active (multi-master) architecture provide a robust non-proprietary solution at a fraction of current software costs.

“Large financial services companies are looking for an open source based approach to distributed databases that reduces their reliance on proprietary database vendors.  pgEdge is fully based on standard Postgres and is exactly that solution.”

-- Andy Brown, former CTO of UBS and Merrill Lynch


Deployment flexibility to meet regulatory requirements

pgEdge offers a deployment choice between a managed database-as-a-service offering with pgEdge Cloud, or self-hosted and self-managed via pgEdge Platform (with an Enterprise Support Subscription). And since pgEdge Cloud deploys into your own cloud accounts you can take over management at any time, mitigating regulatory vendor risk concerns.

100% Postgres and 100% open (you can fire us)

pgEdge is 100% based on standard Postgres, and is itself 100% open (source available), with pgEdge extensions available via the pgEdge Community License.  Put simply, you are not locked into pgEdge as a vendor.  

Contact a pgEdge Solutions Architect to discuss a pgEdge distributed database architecture that works for your use case.

Example: Large financial services company


  • Extreme high cost of current proprietary distributed database solution

  • Want to eliminate vendor lock in by moving to open source, but need distributed database


  • pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL database, via pgEdge Cloud or pgEdge Platform


  • 80% reduction in software costs

  • Ultra high availability with standard open source Postgres solution

Your Choice

Self-hosted or Cloud deployment
pgEdge Cloud
  • Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

  • Handles provisioning, security and monitoring

  • Access via web dashboard, CLI and API

  • Multi-cloud support available for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Get Started for Free
pgEdge Platform
  • All features of pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL

  • Self-host on-premises or in cloud accounts (AWS, Azure, GCP, Equinix Metal, Akamai Linode)

  • For developer evaluations or production usage

  • Enterprise support available

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