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Faster page load times for better customer experiences and fewer lost sales

Leading gaming companies look for ways to drive latency down, and player satisfaction and retention up.  Additionally there is an absolute requirement to be “always on”, yet engineering the right architecture for high availability is often difficult. 

Place data close to your users

Reducing data latency is key to delivering lightning quick response times.  Standard monolithic database architectures that centralize the database in a single cloud region or data center cause gaming applications to suffer from significant data latency issues. Each roundtrip request to the database (or the application logic that accesses it) can take hundreds of milliseconds. The solution is to place data closer to your users with pgEdge.


High availability comes built-in

Thanks to the multi-active (multi-master) distributed architecture of pgEdge solid failover and disaster recovery capabilities come built-in.   With multiple active nodes in a pgEdge cluster you are protected from software failures and network outages.  No more explaining outages to your boss or board because your cloud provider is down in the single region you are using for your database. And did we mention zero downtime for database maintenance?

100% Postgres and 100% open (you can fire us)

pgEdge is 100% based on standard Postgres, and is itself 100% open (source available), with pgEdge extensions available via the pgEdge Community License.  Put simply, you are not locked into pgEdge as a vendor.  

Contact a pgEdge Solutions Architect to discuss a pgEdge distributed database architecture that works for your use case.

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Self-hosted or Cloud deployment
pgEdge Cloud
  • Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

  • Handles provisioning, security and monitoring

  • Access via web dashboard, CLI and API

  • AWS, Azure and GCP

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pgEdge Platform
  • All features of pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL

  • Self-host on-premises or in cloud accounts

  • For developer evaluations or production usage

  • Enterprise support available

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pgEdge provides distributed PostgreSQL optimized for the network edge to reduce data latency and achieve ultra high availability. Only pgEdge combines multi-master (active-active), multi-region and multi-cloud in a fully managed cloud service that is 100% standard Postgres and 100% open (source available).

2023 ©pgEdge, Inc.

2023 ©pgEdge, Inc.