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Car factory

Integrate from the factory floor all the way up to corporate HQ

For manufacturers seeking to integrate industrial IoT devices on the factory floor with corporate systems in the cloud or data center, pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL can deliver an architecturally simple solution.

Store locally, aggregate globally

The data residency features of pgEdge can be used in conjunction with MQTT messaging to keep voluminous sensor generated data local, while automatically replicating aggregate data up to applications running in the cloud or data center. 


Small footprint

pgEdge Platform can be configured with a relatively small footprint to run on factory floor compute devices, including those based on the Raspberry Pi. 

100% Postgres and 100% open (you can fire us)

pgEdge is 100% based on standard Postgres, and is itself 100% open (source available), with pgEdge extensions available via the pgEdge Community License.  Put simply, you are not locked into pgEdge as a vendor.  

Contact a pgEdge Solutions Architect to discuss a pgEdge distributed database architecture that works for your use case.

Your Choice

Self-hosted or Cloud deployment
pgEdge Cloud
  • Fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

  • Handles provisioning, security and monitoring

  • Access via web dashboard, CLI and API

  • Multi-cloud support available for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Get Started for Free
pgEdge Platform
  • All features of pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL

  • Self-host on-premises or in cloud accounts (AWS, Azure, GCP, Equinix Metal, Akamai Linode)

  • For developer evaluations or production usage

  • Enterprise support available

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