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January 22, 2024

pgEdge distributed edge database steps out of beta

This blog is divided into two parts. In this section, we walk through how the Postgres logical replication feature has evolved over the years, what the recent improvements for logical replication are, and how the feature will likely change in the future.

October 12, 2023

The Bottom-Line Business Benefits of Distributed Multi-Master Relational Databases

Today’s applications—including enterprise applica­tions—need to be always on and always available and often must serve a global base of users who expect almost instantaneous response times regardless of where they are located.

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pgEdge Redefines Distributed PostgreSQL with the Launch of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition  Image

January 24, 2024

pgEdge Redefines Distributed PostgreSQL with the Launch of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition

Alexandria, Virginia – January 24, 2024 — pgEdge, Inc., the leading company dedicated to distributed Postgres, today announced the launch of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition, making it easy for developers to deploy and access distributed Postgres databases for low latency and high availability.

pgEdge Platorm

October 12, 2023

pgEdge Platform, the First Fully Distributed Edge Database Based on Standard PostgreSQL, is Now Generally Available

pgEdge, Inc. announced general availability of pgEdge Platform, the first fully open and fully distributed PostgreSQL database designed to run at or near the network edge and between cloud regions.


October 12, 2023

pgEdge Shows Solid Growth and Momentum Since March 2023 Launch

pgEdge, the first company to offer a fully distributed database optimized for the network edge based on the popular open source PostgreSQL database, has shown strong growth and momentum since its launch in March.


September 21, 2023

pgEdge Announces Support for pgvector Extension to Unleash the Power of AI in Distributed Applications

pgEdge today announced its support for the innovative pgvector extension that adds an open-source vector similarity search capability to PostgreSQL.

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